Bottles, plastic and more trash collected at Jupiter’s DuBois Park


Trash collected at DuBois Park (Photo provided)

Read how much — and what kind — of trash volunteers picked up recently in Jupiter’s DuBois Park. Read the full story in The Palm Beach Post.

Jupiter residents: Get answers about Inlet Village


Bicycle riders head north on new bicycle lanes in Inlet Village (Photo/Bill DiPaolo)

Got questions about future developments in Jupiter‘s Inlet Village?

Get answers on Wednesday, Oct. 19 from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. at an open house at the Jupiter Community Center, 200 Military Trail.

The event is free and open to the public.

Town staff, as well as project representatives, are scheduled to be there.

The projects include:

Dance Party in Jupiter Oct. 21


A dance party is planned for Friday, Oct. 21 Oct. 21 from  7 p.m. -9:30 p.m. at the Jupiter Community Center.

Admission is $5

For information, call 561-741-2400.


Senior softball registration open in Jupiter


Registration is open for Jupiter Senior Softball slow-pitch baseball.

The games begin in January.

The deadline to register is Nov. 1.

The cost for registration is $40.

For information, call 561-308-5464.

Big enrollment boost sought by Jupiter’s FAU Honors College Dean


Honors College Dean Ellen Goldey (Photo provided)

Ellen Goldey, the new dean at Jupiter’s Honors College, wants to more than double the enrollment of students on the Jupiter FAU campus off Donald Ross Road. See full story in The Palm Beach Post.


Jack Nicklaus and Stuart pilots help with relief for Hurricane Matthew victims


Jack and Barbara Nicklaus at recent opening of Golden Bear Grill in Fort Lauderdale

North Palm Beach resident Jack Nicklaus is helping with relief operations to regions of the Bahamas devastated by Hurricane Matthew.

Stuart Jet Center has collected and coordinated delivery of more than 20,000 pounds of vital supplies since launching the effort started two days ago.

More than 20 deliveries by plane—mostly single- and twin-engine aircraft—have gone out so far.

Nicklaus lent his Gulfstream jet to the effort, enabling the shipment of more than 6,000 pounds of medical supplies and other essentials in one trip.


Relief efforts at Stuart Jet Center (Photo contributed)

“The generosity of the public has been incredible,” says Dan Capen, president of Stuart Jet Center. “It’s amazing how many supplies people have stepped up to donate in such a short period of time. But as anyone who’s seen images of the devastation can tell you, the need is overwhelming. We’re told the power in this portion of the islands might not get turned back on until next year.”

From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. today and all this week, Stuart Jet Center is receiving and sorting public donations of nonperishable foods, water and medical supplies as part of the “West End Relief Operation.”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents are on site at the Stuart Jet Center to clear relief-related departures and arrivals, but they’re currently only scheduled to remain on premises through Friday.

Originally anticipating addressing the needs of about 5,000 people, relief operation organizers have since learned that as many as 20,000 people are without basic supplies.

Teams of volunteers are on hand to sort and organize donations—including diapers, baby food, canned goods, mosquito repellant, basic medical supplies and water.

This all-volunteer effort is being conducted in direct conjunction with the Bahamian government. All flights must be coordinated through Stuart Jet Center and Joe Rieger of Blue Marlin Cove Resort & Marina on Grand Bahama Island at (772) 485-8159 or This ensures proper landing schedules and distribution of supplies through approved channels.


Hurricane Matthew brings good fishing to Singer Island



Alex Batista
Alex Batista

On Singer Island this morning, the pros and cons of Hurricane Matthew played out on the causeway just east of Phil Foster Park.

The cons: Someone’s 30-ft. sailboat tore away form a dock and crashed on the rocks on the north side of the causeway, attracting dozens of onlookers.

Hurricane Matthew: Full coverage


The pros: About 50 feet east of the sailboat, a dozen fisherman were reeling in snapper and jack – courtesy of Matthew’s winds.

Alex Batista of West Palm Beach tiptoed around dozens of jack he’d hauled in, some of them wiggling around on the pavement, to show off his prize catches. He opened a cooler and showed off about 10 snapper.

He plans to give the jack to his friends and neighbors later today. “The snapper I’m keeping for me.’’

Weather Plus Blog: Latest forecast, check Matthew’s path

Good fishing after Hurricane Matthew on Singer Island.
Good fishing after Hurricane Matthew on Singer Island.

If a storm blows in from the west, the chances of catching prime fish are not very good, he said.

“When a storm blows in from the east, that’s good for fishing. Matthew brought them in because he blew in from the east.’’

Photos: Hurricane Matthew’s effects on Florida

The sailboat attracted enough onlookers that some people stopped their car on the right-hand westbound lane to the Singer Island Bridge. Riviera Beach police showed up and ordered those people to move their cars.

A collection of fish, including snapper, caught off Singer Island.
A collection of fish, including snapper, caught off Singer Island.

The owner of the sailboat was not around but a man who said he knew the owner was on a cellphone reporting the damage.

One onlooker, Kevin Cusati, was hoping the damage might prompt the owner to get rid of the boat.  “Hey, if you find him tell him I want to buy some of the parts. I want that mast.’’

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The sailboat appeared to be the worst damage seen on a drive along the Intracoastal Waterway from Lake Worth to Singer Island. Many roads were littered with fallen limbs and palm fronds, but people were out walking their dogs and jogging.

Alex Batista cleans a fish caught after Hurricane Matthew on Singer Island
Alex Batista cleans a fish caught after Hurricane Matthew on Singer Island