“Lighter, brighter” Jumby Bay Island Grill to reopen Sept. 8 in Jupiter’s Abacoa

Jumby Bay Island Grill owner sitting at new surfboard bar at restaurant in Abacoa (Photo by Bill DiPaolo)

Jumby Bay Island Grill owner Vicki Greist sitting at the  new outdoor surfboard bar at her restaurant in Abacoa (Photo by Bill DiPaolo)

A new outdoor bar shaped like a surfboard, more live music, a more upscale dining room and keeping the “neighborhood feel” are all part of the $200,000 renovation now underway at Jumby Bay Island Grill in Jupiter’s Abacoa.

“We’re going to lighter and brighter. There’s lots of new stuff happening here in Abacoa, and we want to keep up with the progress,” said Vicki Greist, the owner of the 250-capacity seafood restaurant/bar that employs about 35 people and has been in business about 13 years.

Now closed, plans call for reopening Jumby Bay in time for the NFL opening day on Sept. 8, said Greist.

Some things won’t change, like the dollar bills hanging from and ceiling over the bar and the bamboo bicycle perched on a wall.


Dollar bills hanging from the ceiling in Jumby Bay (Photo by Bill DiPaolo)

Before closing for renovations on Monday, many long-time customers asked to take souvenirs such as the hostess stand and signs on the wall, said Greist, a Jupiter resident.

“I hope they take photos of the Jumby Bay stuff at their homes and bring them in. We’ll post them on our facebook page,” she said.

Other upcoming improvements in Downtown Abacoa include a new mini-golf course and a new restaurant called Aaron‘s Table & Wine Bar in the old Rooney’s restaurant.


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