Have you seen these men? Sculpture destroyed at Gardens Mall (VIDEO)

In the name of charity, six teams of engineering-minded professionals turned canned goods into art.

They toiled over their Field of Dreams-themed “Canstruction” creations at The Gardens Mall for hours Sunday night. The contest and artwork, on display through June 19, benefit the Palm Beach County Food Bank. It took a vandal only seconds to destroy The Corradino Group’s Wednesday night, a wall of hundreds of cans of mandarin oranges and other nonperishable foods. It was all caught on video.

The video shows two men lingering around the sculpture outside the entrance to Saks Fifth Avenue before one approaches the wall of hundreds of mandarin orange cans, knocking it over, while the other appears to film it. The two then exit the mall through Saks.

The Gardens Mall is offering a reward to anyone who can lead them to the men. If found, they will make an additional $2,500 donation to the food bank.

Volunteers worked late into the night to rebuild the sculpture.

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