UPDATE: Missing teen’s mom wants “other experts” to continue examining phone

UPDATE, 2 p.m.:

Seeking to “exhaust every possible avenue in pursuit of finding out what happened to him,” the mother of Perry Cohen wants other experts to examine the iPhone Apple technicians have been unable to gain information about the disappearance of her son and Austin Stephanos.

Apple announced Tuesday said they were unable to retrieve any information from the iPhone that was found aboard the 19-foot boat that was found capsized about 100 miles off Bermuda on March 18.


Statement from Pamela J. Cohen:

“We learned yesterday that Apple went as far as they could to try to get Austin’s iPhone working, which, as Apple advised, was the first step in the process of retrieving information that might help us understand what happened to the boys. Apple also made it clear that getting the iPhone to power up was its only commitment to Blu Stephanos, which differs from what we heard from his attorney in court. For the generous efforts by Apple’s engineers, who we understand worked tirelessly to try to help us, we are so very grateful.


As I’ve said before, I owe it to Perry to exhaust every possible avenue in pursuit of finding out what happened to him.  According to Apple, there are other experts in the field who may be able to pick up where Apple left off, to continue the work. Apple has offered to securely hand the iPhone off to an expert in this technology if the families can agree on such an expert. We look forward to working cooperatively with Austin’s family toward this transition.  We are not giving up on the iPhone’s potential for evidence until all viable efforts have been exhausted”.

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