Demonstrators at Jupiter’s Harbourside Place oppose bear hunting


(Photo by Bill DiPaolo)

Unfurling a banner from the parking garage at Harbourside Place on Thursday afternoon, about a dozen sign-toting supporters of stopping the hunting of bears in Florida demonstrated along U.S. 1.

“Bear hunts are just massacres. Bears don’t attack people,” said Valerie Collins, 65, a resident of Port St. Lucie. She was standing on the west side of U.S. 1 holding a sign showing a bear with the words “I’m Not Your Trophy.”reading ”

The demonstrators chose Harbourside Place to demonstrate because the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which issues hunting regulations, is holding a two-day conference at Harbourside Place.

The conference ends today.


Valerie Collins (right) from Port St. Lucie and Gail Zega, from New Port Richey, toted signs Thursday outside Harbourside Place (Photo by Bill DiPaolo)